SR4 Circuit Board Design has been completed – SR4 Coming Soon!!! We are so excited to begin to say “Yes”, rather than “Not Yet” to waiting customers all over the world.

Our Sandpoint pilot project has been doing the important work of a pilot project – to bring forth glitches and problems so that improvements can be made on the next model. As a result, we are now fine tuning heating and LED settings and sensor readings, incorporating better ways to protect the circuitry, streamling installation methods, and upgrading the interconnects between panels.

Simultaneously, we’ve been doing more university testing as part of our 3rd US DOT contract. The results are surpassing our expectations. Two more tests to go!

Now about Swoop: Of course, our mascot had to be a moose after Solar Freakin’ Roadways and because our headquarters is in moose country!

Swoop was joyfully created by the amazing artist Marshall Vandruff. Why did we name him Swoop? Well, early in the process of inventing Solar Roadways, we spent many hours in discussion. New features and ideas popped into our minds so quickly it was almost scary. We kept saying, “Wow, we can solve so many of the Earth’s problems in one fell Swoop!”

Swoop will be popping up in more places soon!