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Businesses will be able to have solar parking lots, which will enable them to quickly go off grid as well as offer their customers the convenience of allowing their electric vehicles to recharge while they are shopping, eating, working etc. They will no longer have the expense of snow removal. Their parking lots will be safer at night with the light provided by the LED's. The LED painted parking lot lines will also be customizable at the touch of a button, whenever the business has a need to change their parking configuration. While we expect that roadway LED colors will be standardized, private parking lot owners will be able to use LED colors that match their theme or change colors to honor different seasons or holidays. Employee reserved spaces can be instantly created and deleted to eliminate waste. The need for more or less handicapped spaces can be assessed and implemented in real time. This "intelligent parking lot" will enable businesses to collect needed data to improve their services. Walkways can be replaced with similar solar panels, enabling more energy collection, and the safety features like lighting and heating. Unlike solar roof panels, which are an additional cost to businesses, solar parking lot panels replace traditional parking lots and walkways. If a roof needs to be repaired, the solar panels must be removed for the repairs and then reinstalled- these problems and costs are eliminated with solar parking lots. Businesses looking to "green their image" will find no better way - customers will not be able to miss the environmentally friendly parking lot! LED intensive advertising panels will be available for businesses that would like that feature.

Homeowners will be able to enjoy going off grid with solar driveways along with another important benefit: no more plowing or shoveling snow. A solar driveway will have many features, including LED lit address markers and the ability to add customized wording, such as "Happy Birthday Heather!" or "Wedding reception here". It will provide a new way to celebrate holidays. As with parking lots, there will be a multitude of LED colors to choose from to meet each family's preferences. Homeowners may also want to have solar patios and walkways. This would make these areas usable in winter without the need for shoveling. Slips and falls from slippery surfaces could be eliminated and nighttime visibility increased. The driveway will also become an instantly customizable sports court. One minute, teenagers can be playing basketball and, at the touch of a button, the younger children can play Four Square or Hopscotch or any other game that the homeowner would like to configure. Pool surrounds and courtyards will be another ideal application for homeowners.

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