Phase II Prototype

News: March 31,2014

We have released the first pictures of our new Solar Roadways prototype parking lot. Initial installation is complete, with some additions still to come (i.e., covers for mounting holes, mastic between panels, software for LED patterns). Images will be continuously added.

The parking lot is fully functional with solar cells, LED's, heating elements, and the textured glass surface.

Parking lot east
Parking lot (facing east).

Thank you everyone for all of your much appreciated support! In the meantime, our Facebook fan site is the best place to watch for updates on our progress and join in the conversation with other supporters.

Phase II tests performed on the glass so far:

Load testing
Traction testing
Impact resistance testing

The glass has exceeded all expectations and we're really pleased with the results.

With the new shapes (see photo below), we're now able to easily pave curves and hills. We won't even mention the "coolness factor"!

Final assembly of the prototype parking lot will be completed soon.

Come back often to watch the progress of the world's first solar parking lot installation.

GE Focus Forward
GE Focus Forward short documentary on Solar Roadways

Bare Ground
Preparing to break ground alongside our electronics lab.

Base Layer
Base layer installed.

Internal support structure
Internal support structures being installed.

The textured glass.

Parking lot west
Parking lot (facing west).

Parking lot east
Parking lot (facing east).

Chantilly Lace. The parkint lot is pet friendly!

Snow removal
Snow removal test (one row on, one row off).

Snow removal
Snow test - Heating elements (not the LEDs!) in the two center panels are activated.